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  • See nearest OS4Depot or Aminet site or use AmiUpdate if you have installed previously

Bible source texts
For developers

  • Empty catalog translation file can be found in the program archive, dev/ directory. If you want to distribute your catalog with other people speaking your language, please send the .ct file to my email address. Please replace the 'AT' with '@'.

The BibVision is a Bible text viewer for Amiga computer. It supports many of the freely available electronic text versions of Bible translations including

  • King James Version
  • The Vulgate
  • Finnish year 1938 and 1992 translations
  • Swedish year 1917 translation
  • German Luther Bibel 1545 translation
  • French Louis Segond (LSG) 1910 translation
  • French John Nelson Darby translation

The basic purpose of BibVision is to be able to study Bible. You can select the translation and book according to your taste and interest. For regular readers there's the bookmark; by setting it you can continue reading from this point later.
The strength of BibVision is, however, that it supports multiple (only memory limiting) windows. You can open the Bible simultaneously from multiple locations, or for comparing, even from different translations.

Two windows showing different Bibles

Furthermore, there's also a full single-or-multiple book pattern-matched search feature. You can search words in the Bible books by using regular AmigaDOS patterns.

The search window


To use BibVision, you need
  • Amiga with OS4.1
  • AISS (optional) for better-looking GUI
  • appropriate Bible texts, see download section

Bug reports and suggestions

Please send all comments, bug reports and suggestions to my email (replace 'AT' with '@'). Include a description of your system (OS and BibVision version, hardware you ran BibVision on, other software and hacks running) and what you were doing when the bug came up. The Grim Reaper crash log would help, too. Please check if the erroneous action is reproducible.

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Updated August 15, 2021

v2.1 08-Aug-2021
  • added the OS4.1 jumpscreen and window snapshot / restore features
  • added possibility to use word-wrap instead of fixed width lines
  • added possibility to use custom font for showing the Bible texts instead of using system default font
  • modernized the internals: removed Reaction macros, using newlib.library, OpenClass(), AllocSysObject(), menuclass menus and others
13-Apr-2020 v2.0 22-Dec-2010
  • modernized the internals, using most of the recommended new features of AmigaOS4.1
  • found the bug preventing help hint usage, they are fully supported now
  • added support for application.library messages
  • uses application.library PrefsObjects for preferences loading/saving
  • saves and optionally opens the last browsing position automatically
  • confirms exit if quitting with the edited but unsaved bookmarks
  • supports the yet-to-be-released French John Nelson Darby translation worked on by Pascal Marcelin
v1.13 30-Oct-2008
  • added Edit/Copy menu item and gadget required by OS4.1 text.datatype

v1.12(a) Oct-2007
  • modified archive for better compatability with AmiUpdate

v1.11 23-Sep-2007
  • corrected iconify code not to dispose icon too early and crash
  • added AutoInstall script for AmiUpdate

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